A. Sauvage AW13 Campaign

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Adrien Victor Sauvage was born 30th May, 1983. His is an interesting story; from the age of 13 he played basketball at a professional level, representing Great Britain internationally. He left the sport early, aged 19 and began to establish himself as a stylist and lifestyle consultant. Working with people from rock circles, fashion, film, sport and politics, Sauvage built up a strong name and discovered there was a gap in the market for something new and original.

Originally of Ghanaian decent, Sauvage now works as a British Designer, Director and Photographer. His experiences helped him to launch HOUSE A. SAUVAGE in early 2010, with rapid success. We love Sauvage’s founding philosophy ‘Dress Easy’ – which is delivered well in his sharp contemporary tailoring and classic elegance.

The AW/13 Campaign, titled ‘Gray’ was photographed by Savauge himself, drawing inspiration from American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Sauvage explores “the concept of captains and natives, combining elements of primitivism with the trappings of luxury.” In line with the work of Basquiat, the collection references to graffiti art, neo-experssionism and pop art. Taking inspiration directly from Baquiat’s ‘Heroic figures’, including athletes, prophets, warriors, musicians, king and of course the artist himself and his personal demons.

For the campaign, Sauvage playfully photographed and styled Nick Taylor and Michael Holman in black and white and we’re pleased to share a preview of the images with you below.

The AW/13 Collection will be available from late September
For more information visit: www.asauvage.com


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