Books: Olympia by Josh McNey

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Photographer & artist Josh McNey just released his debut monograph, titled Olympia Vol 1, featuring model Joe D. Martinez throughout. As Vol 1 suggests, this is the 1st in a trilogy of monographs from McNey, published by Casa Da Costa.

Taking inspiration from Bruce Weber’s ‘Chop Suey Club’ and the works of Bruce Bellas & Bob Mizer, the book features Martinez both in and out of clothes in various locations across the USA.

Available now from the Casa Bookstore

First Edition
Printed in Berkeley, CA
140pp of color and black & white photography; soft cover; 5.5″ x 8.5″
Copyright 2016 by Josh McNey

olympia_vi_2 olympia_vi_3 olympia_vi_4 olympia_vi_5 olympia_vi_9 olympia_vi_13 olympia_vi_1