E.A. 1/1 S.V. “Anguilla Anguilla” Summer/Fall 2016 with Video

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The E.A. 1/1 S.V. “Anguilla Anguilla” Summer/Fall 2016 campaign was photographed by Karla Jurić with model Ines Zjakić at the geomorphological natural monument Otruševačka špilja (Grgosova špilja) as well as in the Sveta Barbara mine. The film was made by Ivan Slipčević and stars model Marko Gverić & freshwater eels
“The intense interaction between the two elements has resulted in a collection characterised by pervasive treatment of textile surfaces, with stickiness and slipperiness being the most stand-out features. During the process, photographs of eels were silk-screened onto the textile and then combined with silicone in order to produce the wet-surface impression. 
Additionally, the conventional positional perception of articles of clothing has been turned on its head, so men’s slips now cover the upper body, specifically in the form of an evening gown, while what is usually perceived as a top (the evening gown) takes on the shape and function of underwear.”
Photographer: Karla Jurić
Model: Ines Zjakić
Fashion film
Shot and edited by: Ivan Slipčević
Models: Marko Gverić, freshwater eels
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