Girls on Film Zine Interview: Igor Termenon

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One, or should we say two of our absolute favourite zines are Girls on Film  and Boys on Film – both curated by photographer Igor Termenon. Both titles, one of girls, one of boys features only analogue photography, shot by emerging artists as well as some established. Often very candid, capturing real moments with real people. Above all, it’s beautifully captivating and original. We spoke with Igor about his hugely popular zines….

1. When did you start the first Girls/Boys on Film zines?
I had had the idea in my mind for a while, but the first issue was released in March last year (2011).

2. How did this come about?
Since I started taking photos I had always been interested in the editorial/curational side of photography. When I started Girls on Film I was studying my master degree in Liverpool and ad that time I wasn’t taking many photos, that’s why I decided to start the project and go on being involved with photography somehow.

3. You publish only analogue images – can you tell us why?
I’ve been shooting with film cameras for over three years now. All that I’ve learnt about photography has been with digital cameras but when I decided to switch to film I realised that I felt much more comfortable and liked the results better.

I like the aesthetics of film and I like the idea of the zine acting like a platform where film photography is supported and where photographers that use that format can find the work of other people with a similar style.

4. Girls on Film / Boys on Film – great names. Did the names inspire the idea for the zine or did you decide on the concept of the zine and then have to think up a name?
I think it was the name first. Girls on Film comes of course from the title of Duran Duran’s song. I love everything 80s and one day listening to the song I said let’s base the idea for the zine around that.

5. When looking through material to feature in a new issue, do you have a set agenda or theme or is it more about what images you’re drawn to?
Right now I’m trying to keep a theme related to the season of the year we’re in although this is not completely strict. I like when the photos have some kind of connection, that’s why I like to wait until the end of the month and have a look at the images I’ve been interested in from all the submissions and from there select the final ones that are going to be included in the zine.

6. Out of all the submissions you get each month, what percentage will never make it into your zine?
I would say probably around 20-30%. This percentage has changed a lot, especially in the last three months and I’m still quite surprised by the amount of emails I get some days!

7. Do you have any restrictions on the content – i.e. nudity / politics etc?
I don’t mind nudity as long as it’s not too sexual and the photo is good. Let’s say that if the photo would have the same person dressed and would still be a good photo, I would then take it. I don’t like when nudity is used as a resource to create an impact.

8. If you’ve not found it already, what would be your ideal job?
I would love to do this full time! I would definitely like to be in the editorial department of a fashion or art magazine and go on taking photos at the same time.

9. Your project is very popular and very cool – where do you see it in a years time?
I hope I don’t end up tired of it soon, so I guess I see it the same way as it is right now, hopefully more popular! I also want to include some changes, but I still haven’t decided anything for sure yet.

10. Any plans to launch new zines / projects?
I’ve got something in mind but the main problem is time! With my full-time job, Girls on Film, my work as a freelance photographer and enjoying my personal life, there’s not much time left for anything else!

Special thanks to Igor.

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