Heavy Burdens by Dean Stephen Davies for Supplementaire #13

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‘Heavy Burdens’ is featured in Supplementaire #13 and is the first physical collection from Designer and Photographer, Dean Stephen Davies.

Taking inspiration from the ‘female’ life-cycle, he examines crucial stages of a proposed woman’s life line and re-interprets them on the de-masculinised ‘male’ form, creating a juxtaposition and asexuality between the two predominant genders.

Heavy Burdens explores the idea of human dependence on the ‘other’, and how this can ultimately restrict our very movements. Davies draws from societal pressures regarding patterns of dependency existing within human relationships spanning youth, parenthood, marriage and maturity and family life, right through to old age and ultimately, death.

These ideas are visualised through clothes that impractically require two people to wear them, side by side and front to front.’


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132 pages
Full colour
A4/Perfect bound