Interview: Artist Agent X for Supplementaire #14

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AGENT X is an emerging multimedia artist using paint and collage to spread a message. We caught up with him to find out more…

1. Where are you based?
First thank you so much and love SUPPLEMENTAIRE ART & FASHION JOURNAL! Now I live in Vancouver, Canada.It is nice because there are so many different cultures, so I am blessed to see things from a different point of view.I also lived in Kentucky when I was born and very little. I grew up mainly in the New Haven area in Connecticut where I went to middle and high school. Then I went to school down south and also lived in Atlanta.

2. At what age did you realise you had a talent for art?
Well I’ve always put up pictures from magazines on my wall since I was in high school. My mom always wanted me to be creative and make something instead of just buying it, and my friends would always be rhyming or producing music or DJing so art was always around me. After I moved from Atlanta to Vancouver and went to the art institute and then got more serious after that. I started entering my artwork into contests and got semi-finalist in New York Art Marathon. After that it was on and popping!

3. Did you study art or are you self-taught?
I had some minor art training at the Art Institute of Vancouver. But I am mainly self-taught.

4. Much of your work has political undertones, or culturally suggestive – are you using your work to provoke and/or educate?
I hope to do both and all the above. To me most things have to do with politics or the nature of it. Money,power,etc. I think you can still make something breathtaking, and it still have great meaning to provoke thought. Most of my artwork deals with Futurism and Pop Art. Also culturally my disgust with the paparazzi and reality TV and the depictions of fame. The lost of skill. I feel that this is a great time to do amazing work while people are consuming bullshit.

5. Paint and Collage are your thing, as an artist do you feel it is important to focus on your strengths or ‘try everything’
It also depends on how I feel and what statement I want to make or not. I will make pieces like “Smokin” or “Ice Cream “as they are like my Norman Rockwell type of artworks or something like my artwork “Esper Analysis“ with tons of colors and abstraction. I never make the same thing twice. Always spontaneous with extreme execution.

6. Do you have a process or do you just see something on the street or in the news and react by producing a piece of work?
Well, my way of working is mostly this: lots of music and time. Even the simplest artwork. I usually have tons of magazines and paint, then I just go from there. Sometimes things in the news but I have to make sure the topic or subject will last the test of time. Just like my artwork.

7. You recently signed with Beautiful Crime in London who will be selling your prints – this is great news for any artist. Tell us more about it…
Yes I am very happy to have joined hands with the Beautiful Crime art Gallery in London. Much thanks to Ruthie Holloway the Creative Director at the gallery! Some of my exclusive artworks are now there. I have 8 artworks in the gallery size 60 cm x 43 cm priced £265 only. The Beautiful Crime Art Gallery is known to have housed some of the best names in the world of art and design including John Pasche, the man who came up with design for the album Sticky Fingers by the timeless band The Rolling Stones. The famous artist, Fin DAC who is known for creating murals across the world. Also the amazing artwork of artist Day-Z.

8. Do you use social media? If so, do you have a favourite – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr?
I mainly use twitter @agentxart but you can get all my videos,shows and info at

9. What artists dead or alive do you respect and look up to?
My favorite artists include Romare Bearden, Giacomo Balla, Andy Warhol, Bansky, Takashi Murakami, Dondi, Antonio Sant’Elia, Jacques Villegle, Damien Hirst and Syd Mead.

10. What is next for Agent X?
Well I had a extensive series of exhibitions and magazine press, during the month of September so far. First I had the “REEL or UNREAL exhibition” during September 4 and continue till September 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival at the Project Galley Toronto Gallery.  Second exhibition is at Voltage Art Gallery in Cambridge, MA USA for the Glovebox Artist show from September 8th and continues ‘till October 18th. Third the Sweet’ Art SEAMS Exhibition that went from 13th – 17th September 2014 at the Hoxton Arches Gallery in London.

I have more things as well coming up in October with the Investables Gallery with my dealer Steve Stevens, as I have 2 artworks in the gallery so far. Plus in London as well with The Funky Art Gallery and dealer Joelle Dinnage, as I have artworks at the gallery and will be doing a show and more with them.

Thank you AGENT X!


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