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We caught up with Luca, a teenager from Catania – student, model and photographer. He shares some photographs of innocence and youth with us.

“I’m a contemporary dancer and a photographer. I prefer to shoot my friends and relate images stories about them. Usually when I take pictures, I look the eyes of the person through the camera and wait (also few minutes) the perfect moment where they’re theirselves, so I can express with the light whatever I want. For my life, I hope just one thing: I’d like to be always able to interpretate realistically what the “model” and the world around him is telling me”

How old are you?

Where were you born?
Catania, Italy

Where do you live now?
Belpasso, Sicily

Name some of your inspirations – they can be people or places?
Young people,class mates, Kai Z Feng, Alberto Leo and all young Catania’s guys in their sportswear

What ambitions do you have?
Be sad and unemployed 🙂

Describe your personality in three words
Ingenious, modest, touchy

Have you ever sucked a pickled onion till it was dry?
Every morning

Which do you prefer – poached, scrambled or fried eggs?
Definitely scrambled

What motivates you to take pictures?
Mmm that’s cool

What do you think you capture the most when taking pictures?
Next question?

What are you hoping to achieve in 2010?
To be the winner in a Big Mac’s eating competition