Interview: Michael Descendre for Supplementaire #14

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In Supplementaire #14, we interviewed Michael Descendre, who has been working on a personal photography project Dreamers by Michael for some time…

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1. What year did you start this project?
Mid 2012

2. How did Dreamers by Michael come about?
It all began the 13th of May in 2012when my roommate asked me to take some pictures of her. I was so proud of my camera that I just bought, that I wanted to try it. We decided to open a cheap bottle of wine in the middle of the night, after a couple of drinksshe gave me “carte blanche” so I decided to go nude. I remember putting the Knife on extra loud, laughing, smoking, dancing, getting tipsy while taking some snapshots. That day remembered me of my favorite movie of all time The Dreamers.

3. What City do you live and work in? Where do you tend to shoot your models? At home or studio?
Ghent is the city where everything started and where I also live. The shoot is mostly at the model’s house/room. It’s more comfortable when they are familiar with the location.

4. Is this your current main passion, or do you have another?
Dreamers is currently my main passion. I don’t feel like stopping it any time soon.

5. You feature beautifully natural models, not typical models, what is your casting process? Do you have to work hard to convince them to pose nude?
Most guys who model for me have never been in front of a camera. When I first started ‘Dreamers’ I mainly shot friends who didn’t mind posing nude. From the moment I had a series of photos, it all just came together very easily & that way I know they don’t have a problem with nudity.

6. Do you ever plan or produce mood boards for your shoots or just create on the spot?
Sometimes I look for inspiration in fashion magazines or online. Thanks to the all the social media, especially Tumblr, I get confronted with loads of creativity… But mostly I just create on the spot & just go with the flow.

7. You appear to have shot all these models in your home country? Do you plan to shoot in other countries for Dreamers?
Yes, most of the pictures were taken in my hometown. They were even mostly shot at the model’s place, becasue I really wanted to capture who they are & I feel like that works best in their own comfort zone. But ofcourse I dream about taking this project international. UK is on my number one list for sure, next to Russia and Sweden.

8. What other photographers do you admire and look up to?
Hedi Slimane, Ryan McGinley, Toyin Ibidapo, Sonya Kydeeva.

9. If you could only have one social media account, would it be instagram, tumblr, twitter or Facebook?
I think I already made my decision by answering question number six (Tumblr)

10. What is next for Michael Descendre?
Something much darker and mysterious.

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