Interview with a Private Dancer for Supplementaire #15

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As part of the recent Supplementaire #15, our #SEXissue #SEXbook, Philadelphia based photographer Nathan Best photographed these intimate portraits, whilst interviewing private dancer and model Mitchie Rae. Print & digital editions of the issue are available on the links below.


1. Hi Mitchie, welcome to Supplementaire. Where are you from?
My name is Mitchie Rae, I’m 26 Years old. I’m from Philadelphia PA, a mother of four children and a wife.
2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience as a dancer.
I started dancing at the age of 18 until about the age of 20. It was okay because the money was great, but rest of the life style was too messy for me. You have to do too much for too little.
3. Is dancing a passion for you or just a job?
Dancing is just a old hobby that I have. My passion is modeling, but both pay the bills.
4. What is the most common misconception people have about what you do as a dancer?
People think that dancers are very loose and have no morals but I know from experience a lot if women do that to make ends meet to make sure they had books for school, and food on the table for their children… not because she wants to be objectified.
5. When you dance, are you yourself or do you become someone else?
When I danced I had to pretend to be someone else because me in my right mind would never dance for people… I love to dance with my family friends but for money it just felt different.
6. How do you think the internet has changed people’s views on sex?
I believe that tv and internet has changed people’s view on sex. Everywhere you turn it’s sex no matter if its tv, internet, music, clothes etc. Sex sells! They are just finally banking off of it ..
7. Are your clients all the same or very different?
Not all clients are the same. I do feel like some men get too familiar and think they own the dancer or they have rights over one dancer because they are a regular. They tend to become needy if you’re too friendly to them!
8. Do you have a strange or funny story to tell us about your career?
Not that comes to mind!
9. How is the pay? Is it as good as some think?
The money was wonderful, but again, not worth it!
10. Does your family know about your career and are they supportive?
Yes they have been supportive because they know I was dancing to help my family.
11. Is there a potentially dangerous element dancing in clubs?
There’s going to be danger in all aspects of life. I don’t really feel like its a higher danger zone.
12. What is both your favorite and least favourite thing about dancing?
My favourite thing was the money. The least favorite was the feeling like I was giving up a little part of my soul.
13. Youth isn’t forever! If not dancing, what do you see yourself doing in your career?
I see myself continuing to dance from time to time to keep my shape and moves lol, but I see myself featured in tonnes of magazines as a wonderful model who broke the rules and still made her own lane…
14. Thank you so much for talking to us!
You are very welcome! It was a pleasure!

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