Linder Sterling: Women/Object

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Linder Sterling was born in 1954 in Liverpool and studied Art at Manchester Polytechnic from 1974–1977. She is a renowned feminist and well known for her controversial and striking montages, where she combines images from pornographic magazines with mainstream fashion magazines. In the ’70s, along with Jon Savage, she set up a fanzine called ‘Secret Public’ which had strong roots within the punk scene and served as the perfect platform for her art-works. Linder is also known for producing many pieces of artwork for album covers, particularly in the late ’70s.

This eye-popping book features 200 pieces of work by Linder, created over four decades. Inspired by her love for the ‘fanzine’ and passions for art, music, dance and fashion, this book was curated for the exhibition Linder: Femme / Objet at Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Using many disciplines including photography, collage and aspects of performance, Linder’s feminist approach explores the use of the female body in sexual marketing techniques.

“Since the beginning of her career Linder has drawn from the inexhaustible source of porn and glossy magazines, which she puts together in Dada-like collages.”

Linder is a true working-class British artist, who still resides in the North of England, and this is without any doubt a highly original and visually challenging book. Perfect for any discerning coffee table or bookshelf.

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Written by Ian Cole, Editor-in-Chief

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