New Face on the Eastern Bloc… LASZLO

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There’s a new face in town, with a memorable and cinematic face. The town is Budapest and the name is Laszlo. He is 21 years old and we asked Sam Scott Schiavo, the man who scouted him, to capture Laszlo’s character and find out more about him with a Q&A session…

LASZLO at SamThe Agency
Height: 1.92
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Clothing credits:
Bjorn Borg, Comodo Square, Gola, H&M, madanti, Morning Train, Schilling Kolos,
Vivenne Westwood, & Zara
Grooming products: Esbjerg Vienna

Photography & Interview by Sam Scott Schiavo

S: Tell me a little about yourself!
L:  I just turned 21 a few weeks ago, I am from the Miskolic area which is in the Northeastern part of Hungary near Slovakia.

S: What is your zodiac sign and do you believe in this?
L: I am a Virgo, yes I believe and I am also very superstitious! I also like to have my cards read, both Tarot and Tzigane (Gypsy) cards.

S: And are you a fan of traditional Hungarian cuisine?
L: Yes but I also love Fish and Chips!

S: What colour do you hate and what is your favourite?
L: I hate yellow and I like both red and black.

S: What were your favorite experiences in 2014?
L: My learning experience in Portsmouth, U.K. as an intern at a hotel restaurant and now the opportunity to be photographed by you! I am so thrilled!

S: Your favorite 3 films?
L: Mirrors, Panic Room and Gothika, I am a fan of suspense!

S: Hobbies?
L: I read a lot. I like classic books. And I work often outdoors in the family orchard. This keeps me busy.

S: Who are your favorite designers?
L: I like Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Jil Sander, Saint Laurent and Dior just to name a few!

S: What do you like the most about your face?
L: My eyes, I have been told they are very expressive.

S: And what do you dislike about your face?
L: My nose even though some people say it makes me ‘particular’ … I have my doubts!

S: And what would you like to happen in 2015 for you?
L: I would like to see ‘my nose’ in international editorials, campaigns and on the runways in Milan, Paris and London.

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