Q&A Session with Actor Donath Szamosi at SAMtheagency

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Donath Szamosi is a 23 year old Hungarian actor represented for print @SAMtheagency in Budapest
Interview & photography by Sam Scott Schiavo

S: Tell me how is all began?

D: As a child I always wanted to perform, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, it was a scarey yet wonderful and fulfilling experience. I had not had much of a grasp of the English language when I started … so it was a crash course that now when I look back I am immensely grateful!

S: You had success on the Hungarian stage almost immediately! Luck and talent!

D: I was in the theatrical version of the Bertolucci’s ‘The Dreamers’ in 2010, then from 2011 til 2013 I played the complex character Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer’s ‘Equus’. It was a role that helped me grow as an actor. In 2013/ 2014  I played Mario in the Thomas Mann play ‘Mario and the Magician’ at the Erkel Theatre which is a part of the Hungarian State Opera here in Budapest. Currently I am once again performing at the Erkel Theatre in the folk opera Háry János, an Hungarian classic.

S: I know that you are also involved in a project about the dancer Nijinsky.

D: Yes, for sometime now I have been collaborating with an amazingly talented group; the writer Hilda Harsing, musical composition by Andrej Slezak and dancer Istvan Simon on a play about a complex and very reflective side of Nijinsky.

S: So we see you wearing many hats in the future! Actor, Producer and Director! Bravo!

How do you unwind?

D: I have my hobby gardening, raising orchids is my passion. I also read a lot, usually the classics but also Ken Follett and Truman Capote.

S: TV … Films … ?

D: I am really into the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’, with cinema it all depends of my moods, a favorite film is ‘Respiro’ with Valeria Golino but I can also get into watching Marvel films!

S: Do you consider yourself vain?

D: Only in my private life but never in any of my roles, I give 100% of myself in all my roles and do not let my vanity enter!

S: You are in excellent shape, how do you do this with your constant stress preparing for the theater?

D: I swim, cross fit.I bike whenever possible, I rarely take public transportation. I eat healthy or at least try to and drink beetroot daily!

S: What do you like the most about your physical self?

D: My hands.

S: Goals? The future?

D: To grow and  perfect my craft as an actor on the international scene in theater, television and film … this should keep me busy for awhile!

S: We wish you much success!

Robert Maar
A special thanks to the sculptor András Engler and designer Alma Abonyi for the amazing location!


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