Q&A Session with Ben at SAMtheagency

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We return to Budapest for an interview with Ben, signed to SAMtheagency. Ben is 1.87 in height and turns 21 in December. A fresh and rugged face, who features in a jazz-inspired editorial for the new issue of Client Magazine. Interview & images by Sam Scott Schiavo

S:  Hello Ben! Tell me first the Basics!

B: I will be 21 this December 20th, I am a Sagittarius , I am from  small city in Central Hungary but I am living in Budapest attending university these past 3 years. My major is ‘Commerce and Marketing’. I will graduate in 2016.

S: Cool, so you are a wiz at Social Media Skills, and languages?

B: Well naturally besides Hungarian, I speak English very well and light German. And I am working p/t handling a company’s social media planning.

S: Hobbies?

B: I have done Kick Boxing for years, also play Basketball and play the Guitar.

S: And what types of music are you listening to? Favorites?

B: I am into Rock, my favorite band is AC/DC but I am also into retro music when I am in a more mellow mood, I enjoy Swing, Blues and Jazz.

S:  Do you have a favorite film, Favorite actor?

B: I love to watch the Godfather both Part 1 and 2. I admire both Brando and Pacino.

S: Favorite Foods?

B: I would say just about anything that my Grandmother makes! She’s an amazing cook and I love the traditional Hungarian cuisine.

S: Foods that you absolutely hate?

B: I have always hated since I was a child spinach and pumpkin!

S: Are you a ‘Colorful’ guy?

B: I usually wear dark colors, solids not prints, Dark Blue, Greys and Black but I do allow Red to enter my wardrobe occasionally. I dislike pastel colors.

S: Do you have a style Icon? A fashion inspiration?
B: Actually my late Grandfather was a strong influence, he started out working in a gas station then later became a parachuting instructor and pilot, he was also very well traveled. I remember him always being stylishly dressed and having a positive attitude. I love looking at old photos of him through the years … even in his work uniforms he looked cool, great suits, wonderful sweaters,the right hairstyle, etc. He looked like a retro Hollywood star!

S: Do you have ay favorite designers?

B: Yes! I love Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna and Burberry. Would love to be able to work for these someday for print and/or runway!

S: Goals or Wishes for 2015?
B-To be successful in school and work and to always to be happy … never negative!

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