Q&A Session with Kornel at SAMtheagency

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Following on from our Q&A session with Laszlo at SAMtheagency in Budapest, we are pleased to share new face Kornel and his big smile!

Model: Kornel at SAMtheagency
Photographer: Sam Scott Schiavo

S: Age and Zodiac sign?
K: I turned 16 this past summer, I am a Gemini and I am not a believer of sun and star signs!

S: Your favorite colour?
K: Black, I am not sure if it would be considered a color but it makes up most of my wardrobe!

S: Languages spoken?
K: Hungarian of course and English and German, I would also like to learn French and Japanese!

S: Do you like to travel?
K: It is difficult now with school but once I finish school I really am looking forward to traveling and working as a model.

S: Do you follow fashion? Do you have favourite designers?
K: I am very far from a ‘Fashionista’, I just wear what I like and have no idea who the various designers are, but I imagine I will learn as I continue in this business!

S: I know you are still in high school, what do you do in your spare time?
K: Well I like to do field and track sports and I also play the clarinet, I have been playing for 7 years!

S: Well speaking of music, what music do you listen to?
K: Mostly Rock … Nine Inch Nails, The Pretty Reckless, Marilyn Manson and my current favorite is In This Moment, I love them!

S: What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2014 and what are you looking forward to in 2015?
K: Well I will never forget the date …23 July when I was ‘discovered’ by you on instagram! Also the awesome editorial shoot for Client Magazine. I home there will be many more editorial and work/ travel opportunities in the next year, and who knows … maybe even Asia during my school holidays!

ESBjERG Vienna
Schilling Kolos
Marks & Spencer
Comodo Square



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