Supplementaire #10

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Cover model: Emil Dostovic at Request wearing Marc Jacobs
Photography: Joseph Lally
Fashion Editor: Matthew Ellenberger

Issue #10 in the new ‘zine-format’ – Supplementaire is another visual feast of analogue and digital photography from UK, USA and beyond. With Emil Dostovic at Request going retro in their Marc Jacobs cover story – plus stories captured in the past on polaroid and some beautifully erotic analogue film. It’s by no-means x-rated, but it is NSFW (not safe for work).


Adam-Peter Hicks
April-Lea Hutchinson
Eric Nouveau
Henry Gaudier-Greene
James M. Rosenthal
Joseph Lally
Jorgen Axenvall
Laura Allard-Fleischl
Matthew Ellenberger

Saddle-stitch zine format
Full colour

Published by Art & Smoke

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