Press Release: The Montague Arms, London

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In the same hands for several decades, the elderly couple that created the Montague Arms are now sadly brown bread. Relatives of the family did not appear interested in pursuing its history but Planning Permission etc. has insisted that this Valuable Community Asset must continue. But what next? after all that tradition, will a typical pub operator exploit its unique pub heritage? We will see.
Notorious “Sam” and his evergreen bar ladies have sadly departed from this alternative’s alternative to licensed retailing. No more will we hear the two Pete’s rendition of McArthur Park or Shaney Mac on drums. Tourists Welcome, Coaches Welcome, Peckham the last Piss Stop between Piccadilly and Paris. Macca and Jim Davidson have both popped in. Always bustling, Burlesque nights, Rowdy nights, and Quiet nights, voted the best pub in the UK by the cognoscenti.
Steamed, Vernacular and Pre-Wetherspoons, a museum of Vulgarities, Steam Punk and odd bits. Could this have been George Orwells Moon under Water?
“Convicts, Queers and Cavaliers, Whores and Bores and Comic Singers, are all welcome and nobody is out of place. Genuinely quirky and full of oddball charm, situated on a one way system between Peckham and New Cross it is a “Seek and Ye shall Find” venue. Stepping into the wilds of the Manor the “Unholy Trinity” held a summit here fore the NME, The Three Horsemen of the Apocolypse, Shane McGowen, Mark E Smith and Nick Cave talked within these portals and gigged afterwards. The Doors of Perception are now open and Steam Punk lives on.

The Montague Arms – New Cross Net Address: 289 Queens Rd, New Cross, London, SE14 2PA


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